How to Properly Refinance Your Car


How does this work?

Quick and easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You give us a bit of information.

  2. We give you up to 3 custom offers without affecting your credit.

  3. You choose the offer that’s right for you. No pressure, no obligation.

Refinancing = paying off your old car loan with a new loan from a new lender. You can save a lot of money by switching to a better loan. And the longer you wait, the more you’re wasting on interest. We make it really easy for you to get started now.

Three things to know about refinancing:

1. It’s not too late.

Many people get lousy loans at the dealership: their interest rates are too high, or they were charged crazy prices for protection products. You can save money by refinancing to a loan with a lower interest rate or lower your monthly payments. Refinancing can also give you the opportunity to cancel, replace, or add better products at lower prices.

2. Borrow for as few months as you can afford.

As with any loan, low monthly payments are nice, as long as they don’t last forever. The best of both worlds? A low interest rate and a shorter loan term. When you apply to refinance through Outside Financial, you can customize your offers based on what’s most important to you.

3. Consider protection products – they’re valuable – if fairly priced.

Your new lender may allow you to add protection products like Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs, aka extended warranties) and GAP Waivers to your new loan. These can protect your car and your pocketbook from expensive surprises. Learn about how you can own smarter with Protection Products.

More to consider about refinancing:

Consider refinancing your auto loan when:

  • Oops, you got the wrong loan at the dealership and you want to do better

  • Your credit score has improved (congrats!) and you qualify for better terms

  • You need to lower your monthly bills with a longer loan term

  • You want to borrow more against your car to lower your overall borrowing costs – for example, interest rates on car loans are usually lower than rates on credit cards

  • You want to skip a payment – some lenders give you the option to skip a payment between your existing loan and your new one, which can be a nice boost for your budget

  • You want to pay off your loan faster so you can own your car free-and-clear (goodbye, car payments!)

  • You don’t like your lender – maybe you’re miffed at hidden fees, or poor customer service. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you to find a lender that meets our high quality standards

  • You are re-establishing your credit, if, for example, you had a previous bankruptcy. By paying off your old loan and starting a new one, your credit may improve because you’ll have two quality installment loans instead of one.

Car refinancing may not make sense if:

  • Your vehicle is older than 10 years

  • You owe less than $7,500 or more than $100,000 on your loan

  • You drive for Lyft or Uber as your primary source of income, or otherwise use your car for commercial purposes

  • Your car has driven over 100,000 miles

How Outside Financial can help you with car refinancing

  • We’ll help match you with the best auto refinance companies from our network to get the right loan package for you

  • Your new lender will pay off your old lender; you start paying your new lender directly


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