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You deserve a better car loan.

That’s why we created Outside Financial.

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We’re car buyers and owners, and we’re on a mission to fix car finance. Cars are the second biggest purchase most of us make, but the process to pay for them can be painful, mysterious, and really expensive if you’re not careful.

Who We Are

I’m Sonia, the CEO of Outside Financial. My passion is helping people make sense of their financial lives. That’s why I became an attorney focused on consumer finance regulation. But I found that for all the regulations that affect finance, consumers often don’t know how to get the best deal for themselves. That’s especially true in auto finance. I wanted to help the average American understand their choices, and work on fixing a process that’s too important to be so broken.

I’m Jon, the Executive Chair of Outside Financial. As an institutional investor for 20 years, I watched as car dealers started to make more money from selling financing than from selling cars. That bothered me, because the less car buyers understand about their financing options, the more likely they are to pay huge, undisclosed markups. So I started looking for ways to help consumers understand auto financing, and get a better deal for themselves.

Fixing a huge industry isn’t easy, but we’ve assembled a team with the financial, legal, and technological expertise to reinvent auto lending.

Our Values

  • Education: An informed shopper is a better buyer and a smarter owner. We want you to understand your options so you can buy and own with confidence.
  • Transparency: We match you with a single lender for purchases or refinancing - after you understand your options, and when you’re ready for a lender to pull your credit. We don’t sell your name to dozens of lenders who hound you day and night.
  • We never charge you a fee for helping you find a loan. And we always show you the offers that are best for you, not for us.
  • We choose all of our partners carefully. We only work with companies that share our customer-first values.
  • We care about you. We want to know what you love and hate about auto finance so we can help. Have a suggestion, comment, question, or problem? We’d love to hear from you.

What We Do

We'll help you:

Explore your auto financing options to buy a new or used car or to refinance your current auto loan.

Choose the loan that’s right for you from one of the trusted lenders in our network, on your time, in the privacy of your place.

Decide which vehicle and credit protection products you need, at the right price.

What’s Up With the Bear?

The Mama Bear is Outside Financial’s spirit animal. Don’t mess with our cubs.