There’s a right way & a wrong way to buy a car.

7 steps to find a car, get a loan (outside the dealership!), and make a smart auto purchase. It’s easy.


Step one is where most people’s car search begins…. and for too many, where it ends. Lucky for you, we’ve got some stellar resources to help you through this crucial first step even though we don’t sell cars.

Then, when you’re ready, Outside Financial can guide you through the next 6 steps to save serious money as you negotiate and arrange your new car loan.

Use our resources to decide which car is right for you.


Bear in Mind: most online car shopping services are designed to benefit the car dealer—not the car buyer (AKA you).

Instead of using those services, use Outside Financial’s Car Shopping Tools to get the best price on your new car.

Don’t discuss financing or trade-ins, yet.


Guess what, cubs? Mama Bear wants you to get the most for your trade-in, even though we don’t buy trade-ins!

Armed with some knowledge and with a little bit of legwork, you won’t be stuck accepting the first trade-in offer the dealership makes.

These simple actions will get you the most $$$ for your trade in.


Here’s what you absolutely need to know about car loans:

-Don’t borrow at the dealership.

-You must compare offers from different lenders.

-Interest rate is as important as monthly payment.

-Shorter loan terms are always better for your wallet.

Here’s how Outside Financial can help.


Most car loan packages include products to protect your vehicle and your credit. Each are valuable – at the right price. Car dealers mark these products up by as much as 400%. You can do a lot better.

(And we can help.)

Learn more about Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP Waivers, and Maintenance Contracts.

Step One_ Decide Which Car To Buy.png

Here’s where we ROAR for you. It’s time to get your loan (before you go to the dealership)!

We’ll find your best loan options from our trusted lending network, and you could save $1,000 you didn’t know you were going to lose.

We’re working for you—not the banks or the car dealerships.

I’m ready to get the best rates and the best protection products at the best prices.


Now you’re ready to strut into the dealership confident and protected. Like a bear.

The dealer might pressure you to take their financing. Remember, you’ve done your research, understood your options and you are in control.


Here’s what you do….