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AAA: How Much Car Can I Afford?

Blog Post by Sonia Steinway

Sonia Steinway

I'm one of the co-founders of Outside Financial. My passion is helping people make sense of their financial lives. That’s why I became an attorney focused on consumer finance regulation. But I found that for all the regulations that affect major financial transactions, consumers still don’t know how to get the best deal for themselves. That’s especially true in auto finance. I wanted to help the average American understand their choices, and work on fixing a process that’s too important to be so broken. That's why we started Outside Financial. I received a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Yale Law School. I've written several articles on consumer finance and financial regulation, and I'm frequently quoted as an auto finance industry expert in publications such as Forbes, Reader's Digest, and USA Today. Connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Quora

- 1/9/19

What’s the best way to tackle car shopping and car buying? According to AAA, start with your budget and go from there. Check out their expert advice, including some helpful tips from our own Bear Necessities.

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