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How to use an auto refinance calculator

Blog Post by chrisoutsidefinancialcom - 10/01/2018 08:45:53pm

How can an auto refinance calculator help you save money on your car loan?

At Outside Financial, most customers have a few key questions about refinancing their car loans:

  • Can I refinance my auto loan for a better interest rate?
  • Is it worth it to refinance my car loan?
  • Can I lower my total interest payments over the term of my loan?
  • Can I lower my monthly bills by refinancing my auto loan?
  • Can I skip a car payment if I refinance my car loan?

These are all good questions, and the best way to answer them is to understand a little more about the car refinancing process and how car loans work. We make it easy. Once you know what you’re doing, our auto refinance calculator can be a great help in deciding whether refinancing your car loan makes sense for you.

Use Our Auto Loan Calculator to Get Started

A good refinance calculator does not just spit out numbers; it helps you understand the terms of a new loan for which you might qualify.

To get started with our online car refinance calculator, you’ll need to know your current auto loan balance, the number of months remaining on your loan, and the annual percentage rate (or APR) of your current loan. The best place to find these items is on your most recent monthly car loan statement. Finally, you’ll need an estimate of your credit score.

Understand Your Car Loan Refinancing Options

In addition to our car refinance calculator, we’ve put together everything you need to understand your car refinancing options: some short videos, articles, and even a quiz. If you decide that refinancing your auto loan is smart for you and your budget, we’ll match you with one of our auto refinance partners. If auto refinancing is not right for you right now, we’ll help you figure that out too.

When you’re ready, our car refinance calculator is ready for you. And if you’re ready to refinance your car loan now, you can pre-qualify today!

We also have these resources to help you understand more about car refinance: